AudiçãoActiva has arrived with a fresh approach.\\The Portuguese marketplace has matured. The traditional retailers with their high overheads are being challenged by new competition such as AudiçãoActiva . \It is a fact that clients are more discerning, they expect more and require the best at lower cost.\AudiçãoActiva is working differently to deliver best value to our clients. We are using internet and cloud technology to communicate at rapid speed.\Having made the decision to investigate hearing aid solutions, clients do not want to wait. At AudiçãoActiva our online booking system enables appointments to be confirmed within 36 hours in all areas of the country.\\For "Team AA" there is one thing that has not changed: "You deliver, we reward!"\\To learn about job vacancies at AudiçãoActiva please submit your CV to jobs@audicaoactiva.pt

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Line 1: estrada senhora da saúde, 41 a, faro, other, pt, 8005 - 147
Line 2: 41a Estrada Senhora da Saúde
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