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Frequently asked questions
How many credits do I need?

Operation type Credit cost
Find an email 1 email credit for every email returned
Write an email using EmailAI 1 EmailAI credit for each email copy
Do a search in Prospect 1 prospect credit for each search
Scrape a basic LinkedIn profile without email address 1 profile credit

What happens if I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

When you upgrade or downgrade, your previous plan's unused credits will be transferred to Rollover state and are available for use just as usual - they won't expire. At the same time, you will be charged for the amount of the new plan immediately.

What is EmailAI?

EmailAI is a tool that leverages the advanced AI technology that also powers ChatGPT by OpenAI. It generates tailored emails by utilizing information from the recipient's LinkedIn profile. The tool is equipped with an expanding collection of templates for various use cases, which can be employed to write personalized emails.

How much does EmailAI cost?

Each time you generate a new email copy using EmailAI, one EmailAI credit is consumed. If the intended contact does not have an email address available, EmailAI will attempt to find one. If an email is found, an additional email credit will be consumed.

How do I check my usage and remaining credits?

You can check the detailed usage report by clicking the down arrow at top right corner > Usage, or visit this page:

How do I change my plan?

You can downgrade or upgrade by clicking the down arrow at top right corner > Billing, or visit this page:

How do I build a media list based on Linkedin search?

You just need to install our Chrome extension, run a people search in Linkedin, and click the Export Emails button. The Linkedin profiles along with their email addresses will be saved to Contacts in FinalScout.

How many emails can I expect to get for X linkedin profiles?

It depends on various factors including location, language, industry, etc. For profiles in English speaking countries, it's normally 50~70%. Email credits will be consumed only if a valid email address is returned.

Do you rollover my unused monthly or yearly quota?

Your unused Email, Prospect and Profile credits will rollover to the next period and they won't expire. EmailAI credits don't rollover.

Can I buy more credits if my plan quota is used up?

Yes. You can top up credits here:

How accurate are the emails?

We verify every email address returned to you and we guarantee a delivery rate of 98%.

Is FinalScout GDPR / CCPA compliant?

Yes. We follow GDPR & CCPA regulations in handling business data. In contacts, you can also easily manage email preference for each contact.