Sean Shea

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Email: ****
Location: Sutherlin, Oregon, United States
Current employer:
Ocean Drops Music
Current title:
Last updated: 22/05/2023 01:36 AM
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Sean Shea is from Sutherlin, Oregon, United States. Sean is currently Singer-songwriter at Ocean Drops Music.

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Sean Shea's current jobs
Company: Ocean Drops Music
Title: Singer-songwriter
Period: Mar 2014 - Present (10 years, 2 months)

Rumi, the Persian mystic poet, knew that music has the power to touch the heart – to inspire, to soothe, to energize, to relax, to awaken feelings of love, compassion, peace and tranquility. It can reconnect us to our sense of purpose and direction in life, and make difficult situations seem more bearable. Most importantly, it can help to stir a remembrance of our deeper self, our soul – the essence of our very being. Having experienced this power to some extent ourselves, we are committed to help enrich others’ lives through our music. As we strive to keep our lives in tune with the greater Harmony, we also put our hearts into our music with the hope that it may touch others and bring some joy and peace into their lives. We are an alternative acoustic band, passionate about our music, featuring songs inspired by Rumi, Hafiz and other mystics. For more information, please visit our website:

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